The Spanish real estate market slowed down in 2022, but what happened on the Costa del Sol? Read our analysis of the current market and predictions for 2024

The housing market in Spain started to cool off during 2022 because the increase in interest rates and inflation effected people’s private economy. However, the slowdown wasn’t as bad as people had anticipated. The experts say it will keep slowing down for a few more months, but it’s unlikely the market will crash as we experienced back in 2008-2013. ( Source )

Let’s shift our focus to the Costa del Sol. How accurate were these predictions for the real estate market and is investing in a property in the south of Spain still a wise choice? Our data reveals a remarkable 27% increase in sales from January to August compared to the same period in 2021. The demand continues to be strong, with prime locations being snapped up very quickly. However, we’ve observed a slight shift in our clientele. In previous years, 80% of our clients were Scandinavian, but this year we have seen a shift, with Scandinavians making up 50% of our client base. 

We have also noticed a change in our clients’ behaviour—they’re more informed and ask us more questions, ranging from power consumption and solar panels to additional costs in Spain. This is a positive trend as it reflects a desire for well-informed decision-making when purchasing a property, discouraging hasty decisions.


However, the real estate market on the Costa del Sol is still thriving. While the trend towards more informed decisions may lengthen the process and demand more from us as agents, we’re delighted to witness our clients making purchases they are unquestionably confident about.


Predictions for 2024 

Acquiring a property in Southern Spain not only represents a sound long-term investment but also offers the advantage of year-round use and enjoyment. When contrasting this with investments in stock, gold or funds, it may prompt you to reconsider your next investment decision. 

The conflict in Ukraine, the ongoing incidents of violence in Scandinavia and various political development continue to impact the daily lives of many individuals. We’ve observed that those with the means to move on from these challenges are increasingly turning their attention to Southern Spain. Demand for properties in the region has reached record high demand, with expanding clientele that extends beyond residents from the UK, Sweden and Norway. 

We will reach the top of inflation and interest in the next few months and upcoming reports will be extremely important to determine whether we will witness the initial shift in interest during the first half of 2024 or if we will need to wait until the latter part of the year. 


We anticipate that this shift will likely occur in the first quarter, prompting more individuals to resume their investments. If you are considering purchasing a property in Spain, you may find that the upcoming months may be an opportunity to secure a good deal, especially when dealing with property owners who have benefited from currency fluctuations over the past year. 


If you bought a property in the last 2-10 years and consider selling, is now a good time? 

The demand for properties remains high, particularly in good locations where transactions continue to be swift. We have confidence in the Euro’s enduring strength in the coming months, making this a perfect opportunity for those contemplating selling their property or converting the proceeds to their local currency. It might also be an ideal moment to explore the purchase of a larger or smaller property but it’s also important to remember that there is still the option and wait until you find an even better opportunity. 

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