The Spanish market that never crashed

With a pandemic that hit the world and put large parts of Europe in a massive lockdown, we have learned new concepts and to live completely differently from before.

Almost immediately there was also speculation about how housing markets would be affected with this impending crisis and quickly the first analyses of declining demand and falling prices and other adjustments we saw a pending market initially.

There was a lot of impacts that should have affected the housing market negative, but this crisis is unlike anything we have seen before.

With an entire population spending more time in their homes than ever before, housing became a high priority and we have seen new trends in demand. Large terraces, gardens and patios combined with good indoor areas to work from home suddenly had a greater impact than the location.

We have also seen workplaces change and most service companies have offered a mobile workplace and given the conditions to be able to work from anywhere in the world. Which, of course, is also positive for the Spanish housing market in particular.

When you can choose, why not live in a country that offers sun 320 days a year and a light that Northern Europe can only dream of during the winter months.

It is easy to understand that this is just the beginning of how people will choose to live their lives and we are absolutely convinced that Spain will be an attractive place to live and work for many years to come.

The introduction of new tax reforms with lower taxation on home purchases for the remaining of 2021 is just another reason to get along with that lifelong dream you have of finding your dream in Spain. We will be here to help you find it!

Fredrik Serneholt
CEO at Serneholt Estate

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