Investment in Costa del Sol

I meet Sandra, one of Serneholt Estate’s exciting customers, in one of the apartments she has put on the market, in order to find out more about who she is and why she is here in Spain.

Costa del Sol property investorTogether with a colleague, Sandra has set up Ryman Ferber Marbella Investment, which invests in various types of property which they renovate and style and then put on the market. Through investing in some of the many properties that were built at a frantic pace during the 1990s and investing in exclusive materials, carefully considered design and a space-efficient approach to home interiors, they have found a concept which is in great demand. By Sandra’s side is Lady, a puppy that has recently come into Sandra’s life. Sandra explains that her life changed enormously when she got the puppy and that it is a welcome change to have someone to focus on and care about. Sandra’s affections for Lady are very clear, as we sit on the corner sofa in her apartment and Sandra strokes and fusses over Lady as we chat. That Sandra is a charismatic woman with an impressive blend of determination, positivity and talent is very clear during our conversation. Sandra talks engagingly about her childhood in Örebro, Sweden and her desire from an early age to become a professional ballet dancer. She was passionate about dancing and her career was progressing ever upwards until a back injury brought an abrupt end to it all. However, instead of feeling sorry for herself, Sandra began reading psychology at Stockholm University. Sandra’s life had taken a new and unexpected turn, but for Sandra there was never any thought of giving up. After studying for a while, she realised that her passion actually lay in business. She started to read this instead, ending up with a Master’s degree.

“Getting Lady was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Having her to focus on and care about, and then getting a lot of love back!”

-When I finished my education, I was offered a job with a start-up finance company as an assistant in Stockholm. From there, I gradually advanced to office manager – where I benefited hugely from having studied at university. During this period, the number of employees increased from 3 to 250. The whole company was then bought up by an investment company, and I got the chance to set up my own business within the framework of the operation, which I did.

-It was through a common friend that I came into contact with Daniel, my business partner. We knew straight away that we complemented each other well and decided to work on this project together to see how it went.

What was it that made you choose Serneholt Estate over all the other estate agents in the area?
-I had come into contact with Serneholt Estate previously, when I went on viewings of properties that were being sold through Serneholt Estate with a friend, who later decided to buy through them too. Fredrik and Linda from Serneholt exuded confidence and they impressed me a lot. So, when my business partner and I subsequently needed to find an estate agent to work with, they were the obvious choice. Fredrik and Linda have been fantastic at finding properties that match our search profile. They really do know the area so well and have an instinct for what we’re actually looking for. All the service we have had through them has been extraordinarily good too. They really do show that they focus on the customer.