How is it really to work as a real estate agent in Spain?

A charismatic hard working project leader with great sales skills and a good listener, dedicated to work and sees Real Estate as a lifestyle and not a job. That is what defines a successful agent in Spain but how is it really to work as an agent?

First of all you will need to be a good listener and you have to be available for your clients when they need you. There is no such thing as 9-5 work being an agent. Normally our clients contact us in their spare time, early mornings, late evenings, weekends and of course during holidays and from the first contact to get an answer we have a maximum of 1 hour before the client contacts someone else. The moment they involve another agent our chances to be successful with the sale decreases a lot.

There is no cost for a buyer to hire a agent

As a buyer you can hire an agent to work for you to find your property. Most of the properties are being sold on the open market and your agent can show you all properties available, even if they are listed with another agency. There is no need to contact different agencies or agents to get the viewings you want. Most important is to find an agent you feel trust in and that will work dedicated to you! The commission to the agent is always paid by the seller.

Talk about financing

One of the most important things that many agents forget to talk to the clients about is financing. They normally spend most of the conversation about the dreams and properties and areas of interest for the client but forget the most important question “Do you have the money to purchase a property, if I can fulfill all your dreams and find you the right property“. With the answer to this question you could save time and really help clients to the next step.

Availability make a big difference

To be available for a client during all times is not always as easy as it sounds. It will affect your private life and you will need to be able to navigate and prioritize all calls and contacts in the best way to learn how to live and breathe Real Estate and still get free time.

The reward for being an active agent with lots of sales is referrals from clients. All people working with sales know how important a referral is in success rate, there is no such lead from any portal compared to this kind of client. Well handled you will sell to 90-100 percent of your referral clients and this is also proof that you are doing not just the expected, you are doing a great work!

Every search for a property is like a unique project

With all the details in place and a trip to Spain is arranged it is time to plan for viewings. High knowledge about areas, properties and your clients will be helpful to prepare for viewings and your goal is to not show your clients everything on the market, just the few units that really match their requirements and needs.

But even with just 5-7 different properties to show, you still have to make a plan, where, when and why are questions we need to answer on each property we visit before going there. A successful agent always has a plan before first viewing what the client will like and what they will sell in the end. A good agent also knows how to handle a client’s needs and requirements and can find properties outside the box and something they did not know before that they really wanted.

Close collaboration with a lawyer

In Spain you are not responsible for the legal matters as an agent. Therefore it is important that you work close to law firms that could help you and your clients to secure a safe deal. The law firm will handle all the contracts, make sure the due diligence is performed on each property and help your client with purchasing a property in Spain in a safe and harmful way. We always recommend our clients to use a lawyer to avoid problems with the purchase but they are also helpful for us as agents before even going on viewings when we can use them to find out if a property is legal or not even before we take a client there.

Last but most important is to have fun, Real Estate is a lifestyle and you have to enjoy it to live it!

Real Estate Agent, Marbella

How many years of experience as a sales agent do you have?
I have 7 years of experience.

Why did you choose to work as a real estate agent?
I choose to become a real estate agent because I really enjoy to work closely with my clients and help them in the process of finding the dream property. I worked in the hospitality industry for 25 years and I love to exceed the customer expectations.

What is the most difficult situation you have experienced in your profession?
The most difficult situation is by far when you find the dream property for a client and then someone else was faster to reserve. That is always disappointing for the client.

What is the best part of this profession?
The best part is that I get to meet so many interesting clients that I eventually can call my Friends. I like to see myself as a project manager for my clients, and I will help them in every step during and after the sale. Being a real estate agent is More a lifestyle than a job.

How many years of experience as a sales agent do you have?
More than 5 years.

Why did you choose to work as a real estate agent?
A friend of a friend offered me as position as a real estate agent. He believed I would be a good fit. He was right you could say : )

What is the most difficult situation you have experienced in your profession?
When I was with a customer and we found their dream home. We agreed on a price with the owner and everything was in order. Then, when the lawyer starts to review the home, it turns out that the owner has lied about several things. Some renovations were undeclared and not registered. This is not resolved yet so we’ll see how it goes.

What is the best part of this profession?
To see fantastic places and homes and meet interesting people who want to buy a home down here. The job offers a great variety that means you can never get tired of it. Everything from holiday apartments to investors who want to buy houses and businesses. I love it.

Real Estate Agent, Estepona
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