A home staging is the act of preparing a home for sale with the aim of making the property appealing to as many prospective buyers as possible, whereas the aim of a styling is to create a harmonious and personal home for you to enjoy.


Home styling SpanienWe offer homestaging to bring out the best in your home. We use plants, textiles, refurnishing and other measures to present your home in the best possible way to attract as many prospective buyers as possible. More specifically, we aim to: Depersonify your home, create order and tidiness, clean, repair and arrange furniture in order to make the home environment inviting and appealing. The main aim behind a homestaging is to highlight the advantages and tone down any disadvantages. It is actually not about decorating a home, but about depersonifying and making the home welcoming and inspiring, so that as many prospective buyers as possible could imagine themselves living there. It is vital that a prospective buyer gets a positive first impression of a property. If they don’t, they won’t see the potential in it and go elsewhere. If you want to succeed with your house sale, you must make sure your home stands out from your competitors by giving as positive an impression as possible.

“For me, the key aspect of a styling is that you receive high-quality personal service, where the positive features of a home are highlighted and personality and taste are in focus.”

Homestaging might seem an obvious and easy thing to do or perhaps even unnecessary to many people. The truth is that presenting your home in a positive light has a decisive effect on how much money you end up getting for it. A Homestaging consultant knows what works. Homestaging is not about personal taste, but quite simply has to be done in order to attract as many people as possible. With a Homestaging consultant, you not only avoid this timeconsuming process and expensive and unnecessary mistakes when it comes to investments, you can also rest easy in the knowledge that you have maximised your chances of getting the highest possible sale price.


Home staging for property saleNaturally, we also offer a complete styling service in cases where a home interior is to be transformed or where an empty home needs to be furnished. Your home’s interior furnishings, furniture and fixtures will be planned in great detail in order to create a harmonious and appealing appearance.

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