How do you go about buying a house or apartment in Spain?

The difference between buying a house or an apartment in Spain, compared to many other european countries, is quite big. It is not just the language, culture, taxes and laws that differ. Even the purchase process itself looks different to what we are accustomed to.

As a buyer, you can prepare in various ways before making a purchase by reading about the purchase process, arranging the documents that are required and preparing loan commitments etc. before heading off to Spain to look at the properties.

Of course, there is an advantage in being a well-prepared buyer, but all so often buyers begin their journey to their dream home from the other end, by finding their dream home first, and only then coming up with the questions and speculations involved with buying a property in a different country and what it costs.

Whether you are planning to move to Spain or to buy a holiday home, at Serneholt Estate, we make a big difference. We have all the right contacts with legal agents, banks, craftsmen and other local players in Spain who can help you when you have found the right home, so that the purchase goes safely and smoothly and you can focus on turning your dream into a reality!

We offer all customers a no-cost walkthrough of the purchase process over the phone or in our office and, of course, we can find and offer you the best viewings for the hottest apartments and villas at no cost when you are ready. If you prefer, you can by all means search through our extensive selection of properties for sale in Spain.

With our experience as an authorised agency in Sweden and of the Spanish property market, Serneholt Estate offers you a successful and reliable service.

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Buying a house or an apartment?

Köpa hus Marbella, Spanien

The question is – should you look for a house or an apartment when buying property in Spain?

The answer naturally depends on many things, but here are a few factors to consider for the two options:

Buy an apartment if:

  • You want something easy to look after (you don’t need to rent a gardener to do the watering when you are away, facades, and much more are managed by the administration)
  • You want a larger pool (they usually have communal pools which tend to be larger than private pools that houses have)
  • You want to meet new people
  • You want to be closer to the centre (although there are exceptions, it is more difficult to find houses than apartments for sale near the centre).
  • When buying a house is outside your budget (there, are of course, more expensive apartments, but, when you need to reduce your budget, it’s worth looking at apartments instead of houses).

Buy a house instead if:

  • You prefer privacy
  • You need more space (there are larger apartments as well, but houses tend to have more room)
  • You want to get away from the noise and the stress of the city
  • You want to have more control over maintenance and adaptations (in an apartment you are often bound by the Community of Owners who, for example, can determine how an AC system should be installed)
  • A house is within your budget

If you are still unsure, despite the above, about whether a house or an apartment is right for you, try making a decision based on your budget and requirements for number of rooms, pool, view, etc. Start searching for  the latest houses and apartments for sale and see what is on offer. You are always welcome to call us on +34 951 560 933 or email to arrange viewings or get some advice.